Pinterest Party!

Dave took off with some friends very early this morning to go ice climbing for a few days. I on the other hand spent all day inside sewing. 🙂

Dave’s sister Laura came up to hang out with me and have a Pinterest Party. We spent all day working on crafts we have been wanting to make from Pinterest. Some of them worked and some didn’t but we had fun in the process. 🙂

Laura made an earring holder from an open frame and some lace. She and I made several scarves as well.

I love that I got to hang out with my dear sister in law all day and just make stuff together. This is another blessing of being in the States! I will miss days like this.



Ruined Plans?

So Dave, Kavan and I packed up our car last week and headed up to Estes Park for the weekend. The plane was to meet up with good friends, enjoy time with each other and go ice climbing. The first night Dave got really sick and the next morning he had to cancel his big climbing day. That afternoon it was obvious he needed to go to the doctor.

Once we got to the hospital we realized he had a very bad case of the flu. They almost kept him overnight because his oxygen was so low. Kavan got it a few nights later. And then finally I got some nasty cold thing yesterday.

Pretty much we couldn’t do anything all weekend. We ended up not being able to really be around our friends and now we can’t head back to Dave’s home because we can’t risk getting his dad sick. Needless to say in a lot of ways this weekend/week has been horrible.

But last night as I was feeling discouraged I was reminded there is a purpose and my God is faithful. So I don’t know why The Lord is keeping us here but I wonder if some of it is to force us to rest. As much as there have been moments of complaining in our hearts we are giving that to Him and choosing to trust.

This is the day The Lord has made; let us rejoice and be glad in it. – Ps. 118:24

Check out the beautiful view I enjoyed from our living room window. 🙂


My 11 Month Old

I can’t believe my baby boy is going to be 11 months old this week. I know everyone says it but time does fly by. He has been just a blessing and joy to Dave and I. Sometimes when he is taking a nap I want to go wake him up because I MISS him. But I don’t. 🙂

He is crawls everywhere, and walks with help. He loves lights, points at everything, laughs when I saw window, thinks everything is drum, LOVES music and claps every time he hears it. He loves exploring, he is very observant, loves to rip paper, loves balls, loves people, waves at people, likes to eat as he moves around, still doesn’t sleep through the night, and is “talking” a lot. He smiles a lot and doesn’t cry unless something is wrong.

Wouldn’t trade him for the world.




Family Time

I know, I know I haven’t been updating this blog very much. I will share more about why that has been later but for now I wanted to share a few pictures. One of the biggest highlights of being here in the USA has been time with family. Two weeks ago we took pictures with Dave’s family. It had been pretty warm in CO and then the morning of the pictures it was in the 30’s. K did great even in the cold.

Aren’t we the cutest family ever? Just kidding. 🙂





Dinner with friends

Last night Dave and I went over to some friends house for dinner. They are missionaries here in colorado and live in a different ministry world than us but yet our hearts are so similar. We love the way they live life, seek The Lord, and do ministry.
We kept laughing how the husband also named Dave thinks so much like my Dave and how much we the wives think alike. Both Dave’s of our dreamers and so we the wives have to learn to let them dream with out worrying about details.
Being back in the States has been such a blessing for us to be with like minded friends that aren’t in our cadence circle or ministry circle in Okinawa.

Very grateful for friends in the body of Christ!


Bad Parenting!

In case I ever thought I was above BAD parenting moments the Lord was very gracious to point out that I am not.

Last week we decided to go hike a 14er with some friends. Since we were going to try and do 4 in a day we had to be on the trail by 6:30 am. Getting up at 5 am doesn’t help anyone think anything through well. When we got to the trailhead I realized I forget a jacket for Kavan and that we didn’t have anything for his head or hands. (Just in case you were wondering 6:30 am is VERY cold in the mountains and for 3 people who live on an island!)

We decided to put his clothes on him and then put his fleece PJ’s over them. With in 45 minutes on the trail we had a screaming baby with very cold hands. I, Andrea then found myself heading back down with a screaming baby on my back passing by groups of hikers. I even had a mom look at me with shock and ask “Where is his hat and gloves?” Um…oops.

K and I made it back to the car and after about 20 minutes of cuddling with him and the heat on full blast he passed out. He spent most of the time warming up screaming while looking at his hands. EPIC FAIL!

As I drove back to Breckenridge the Lord reminded me of a powerful truth. He is the PERFECT heavenly father! He will always take care of me, he will never make mistakes like I just did with K. He won’t forget things I need because its early in the morning. And he will not make mistakes with K. He is so good! So I rest knowing I and K have a perfect heavenly Father.

It’s been a while…

It’s been a while since I have updated our blog. We have been in the States for about a month now. In many ways it feels like a bit of a blur. Our first two weeks in CO we spent a lot of time with family, some close friends and catching up on sleep.

Some of my favorite moments have been with our family of three. K is growing like crazy and it’s been a blessing to have time just us three. It really is a gift from the Lord to have this time.

Here is a picture of us in Grand Lake on the way back from the mountains.


CSM Okinawa Ladies

Often Dave and I get asked about our team here in Okinawa. Both Dave and I feel so blessed by our team here. I personally LOVE the ladies on our team. We don’t get to see each other all the time but when we do it’s a blessing. The other day we all got together just to hang out one last time before we all parted ways. You see one of us is moving to Thailand, the other heading off to college and well I am gone for a 6 month home assignment.  I am grateful for how the Lord has used these ladies in my life. For now we say good bye but with the hope that in the Lord no good bye is forever.

Here we are at one of my favorite Cafes in Okinawa.


Walk Lightly…

It’s easy in my day to day living to forget how the way I live is not Normal for most of the world. I have a house with electricity, a bathroom, computer and running safe water. It is all a gift from the Lord and I need to use what He has given me as a tool to serve him. But it is easy to forget, huh?!

Dave is in Cambodia right now on our family mission’s trip. Here is an email he sent me yesterday.

“Hey so I got the great privilege of meeting this family today.  The funds we raised purchased the materials for this house.   The first picture is the old house that the kids were living in alone while both the parents worked in Thailand to try to pay to build a better house for their Family.  The parents are back now and we just finished the house.  They are so happy.  We got to tell them how God led the team to them and told them to help the family, and how God told families in Okinawa, Japan to give so their house could be built.  We prayed over their home and shared Jesus with them.  The mom learned about the women’s time the team was having and came to join us in the afternoon.   The red on the house is a mark from the minesweeping org.  It shows that the building has not been checked for mines in this sweep.  

Walk lightly…”