DIY Baby Mobile

I can’t believe it’s been almost a month since I have updated our blog. oops! 🙂  I don’t even have a good excuse.

Over the past few weeks Dave and I have been working on baby Hutch’s room. It’s been fun to work on it together. The other day I was on Pinterest getting some ideas and I found some DIY yarn baby mobile ideas. So I thought Dave and I should try to make one. The first couple pictures are some of the ideas I got off of Pinterest.

Dave found the stick at one of our favorite beaches here. It turned out to be the perfect size for the mobile. The whole thing was very easy to make. I used ping-pong balls and plastic balls from the 100 yen store to make the yarn balls. Then we did a paper machete sort of project to make the see through balls using balloons, Elmer’s glue and water.

I love how it turned out!


2 responses

  1. Andrea, my sister had a great-other-application for these! homemade Christmas ornaments and stuff lights into them (if they aren’t flammable). 🙂

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